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LTFC Storytellers Experience Youth Summer Camp


This 1.5-hour visit to the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum, students participated in a guided museum tour, engaged in a TEP talk with Leona Tate, and recorded their oral history. The museum tour sparked conversation about the rich history of the Lower Nine. The TEP Talk was a glimpse of the events of the Civil Rights Era through the eyes of one of the McDonogh Three, Leona Tate. The brief oral history recorded will be archived at the museum. 


The three core goals of this experience were to 1. Increase student’s awareness of about Civil Rights history and aid in the development of tolerance and empathy. 2. Encourage students to explore new interests, develop confidence, and build self-esteem. 3. Emphasize to students the need to understand their past while continuing to build their future.

Music for All Ages
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