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The Leona Tate Foundation for Change’s (LTFC) mission is

  • To promote, improve and enhance racial equality through various avenues of education.

  • To empower and enrich our communities from a spiritual, multicultural, economical, historical and social perspective.

LTFC is dedicated to preserving, interpreting and disseminating the story of the Civil Rights struggle for equal education in New Orleans, by sharing the story of the three African-American girls who integrated McDonogh #19 in 1960. LTFC seeks to reach people of all ages and ethnicities, with a special emphasis on educating young people about these struggle.

Leona Tate is frequently invited to schools and universities to share her story. She seeks to inspire young people by acquainting them with the courage of ordinary people in the struggle for equality. LTFC devotes her time in educating new generations and encouraging their participation in ongoing efforts to build a more just society.

The lead project of the foundation is to preserve and re-purpose the McDonogh #19 school as a memorial museum and multi-purpose center in New Orleans, with significant goals:

  • Preserve the building as a memorial site to the courage of three African American girls and their families in the fight for equal rights and equal education.

  • Create a permanent exhibition that will attract, engage, and educate local, national and international visitors in the history of the civil rights struggle for equal education in New Orleans.

  • Develop educational programs that address the needs of the community.

  • Stimulate the depressed economy of the Lower Ninth Ward and serve as a strong community anchor to enhance economic vitality.

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